Nature made precise.

Our Vision

A medical-grade, unified ecosystem, that allows accurate consumption through vaporization, leading to better health & well-being.

Cannabis has incredible effects that can vastly improve lives, but we believe that its full potential has yet to be unlocked. That’s why we’ve created a unique holistic business model that takes complete control of the process – from research, through growth, to consumption – creating an innovative and precise product that has the power to change the lives of millions.


An outstanding product demands outstanding research

Located in The Weizmann Science Park in the heart of Israel, our R&D lab is dedicated to bettering the Cannabis industry. To date, we have developed a patent-pending sleep formula, as well as formulas to treat CNS disorders. We have also conducted medical validation studies on our innovative VapePod device.


Extracted Cannabis formulas made to improve life-quality

Kanabo develops THC formulas for CNS disorders, and non-THC formulas for the growing CBD market. Our patent-pending, proprietary formulas combine consistent active ingredients, medical-grade precision, and clinical validation to provide a safe, accurate, and high-quality product for superior efficacy.


Cannabis consumption –
now safer and more accurate than ever

A cutting-edge cannabis extract vaporization device, that includes metered-dosing, allowing extremely accurate consumption. The VapePod® is the first-ever medically certified vaporization delivery system for cannabis extracts.


  • 2017

    • Kanabo Research Ltd. founded in Israel

    • Submitted two provisional patents

    • Secured partnership with Jupiter Research for VapePod

    • Pre-approvals for R&D licences issued by Israeli MOH

    • Start of work in R&D lab in the Weizmann Science Park, Israel

  • 2018

    • OTC formulations Focus, Serenity & Revive developed

    • Submitted PCT patents for Sleep formulation

    • Final approval of the VapePod as a medical device for trials in Israel

    • Final licence approval for Cannabis R&D activities, extraction and pre-clinical studies

    • Pre-clinical trials of Kanabo’s THC formulation for sleep disorders completed

  • 2019

    • Agreement with a Kibbutz in Israel to establish GMP production facility

    • German distribution agreement signed

    • Submitted Non-THC provisional patent