R&D Labs

The R&D Lab

Kanabo has set up an R&D lab in the Weizmann Science Park. The company has obtained the necessary Cannabis R&D licenses, and has partnered with analytical labs to conduct third-party independent testing for all products. To date, Kanabo has developed a proprietary, patent-pending formula for sleep disorders (insomnia); three proprietary CBD formulations for Focus, Serenity, and Revive and the VapePod vaporization delivery device. Kanabo has already conducted pre-clinical trials on the sleep disorders formula. Additional pre-clinical and medical validation activities are underway and in continued development at the R&D lab and through a CRO partner. This includes preparation for clinical trials at one of the leading hospitals in Israel. U.S. patent-pending for the sleep disorders formula through a pharmaceutical patent firm.

Pre-Clinical tests

Successful Pre – Clinical Study on Sleep Disorder Formula

The current pre-clinical study dealt with vaporizable compositions comprising of compounds found in the cannabis plant (CBN, CBD, THC and certain terpenes). The purpose of the study was to test these compositions in treating sleep disorders.

The cannabinoids were tested separately for dose response, as well as different combinations to test for synergistic effects. Both sleep onset and sleep duration were documented, using the loss of righting reflex model in mice.

Several Test Items have been found to prolong the sleep duration compared to vehicle. In regard to sleep latency – a clear trend was not observed, and this aspect should be further investigated before any conclusions can be drawn. Based on the results of this study, these Test Items could be chosen for a larger scale continuous study.

Study Goals:

  • Showing increase in efficacy, correlated with the predicted “Entourage Effect”
  • Demonstrating increase in sleep maintenance and duration

The study was divided into different stages:

  • Sleep duration was measured against the standard positive control (Diazepam 2mg/kg)
  • Evaluation of a single cannabinoid’s effect, in a dose-response manner
  • Evaluation of multiple cannabinoids in different doses
  • Evaluation of multiple cannabinoids combined with terpenes

Safety & QA

Enabling vaporization of the formulas by the VapePod device, is the CCELL heating technology. It is a state-of-the-art technology and is considered the safest and cleanest when it comes to vaporization. In order to ensure the safety of this delivery system, analytical work has been done both on the carboxylated formula, and on the vapor released from the device. We were able to determine that the same formula profile is maintained in the vapor. These results demonstrate the preservation of the original composition and exclude formation of new materials as a result of heating.

Ensuring Safety

  • Formulation profile remains the same following heating
  • No formation of toxins or new unknown materials

Maximizing Bioavailability Through Comprehensive Testing

  • Decarboxylation
  • Temperature Setting
  • Dose Control
  • Unique Composition


The VapedPod  is currently undergoing certification as a CE registered medical device. Dosing accuracy testing ensures that the composition of our formulas remain the same for each dose, that the same amount is provided in each dose, and that there are no toxic by-products released within the aerosol. The chart describes the amount in mg per dose.


Kanabo’s formulas have undergone tests which analyze and determine whether our formulas maintain the same composition when vaporized into a fine mist (aerosol) when used in combination with Kanabo’s vaporizer device, VapePod. Cartridges were filled separately with both formulas of cannabinoids. Each formula represented a portion of cannabinoids, different terpenes, and an insignificant amount of ethanol.
Kanabo’s formulas remained the same throughout the lifespan of the cartridge. This means that when the formula is turned into a vapor, the composition of our formulas remain the same, regardless of  the amount of extract left in the cartridge.