VapePod is disrupting the medical cannabis market with a quality, medically certified delivery system that works synergistically with patented, precision-targeted formulas. This comprehensive offering is designed to provide trusted relief to those suffering from a variety of disorders.

The VapePod vaporizer is produced in a certified GMP medical facility in full compliance with ISO13485, setting a new medical standard, engendering trust and ensuring peace of mind for our global clientele. The device was approved in 2018 as a medical device for cannabis extracts by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and is the first-ever medically certified vaporizer for the delivery of cannabis based formulas.

Enhanced Bioavailability

Cannabis has gained legitimacy and recognition as a powerful source of relief for a number of ailments, but smoking as a delivery mechanism does not present a viable solution. Equally, ingestion has been found to significantly reduce therapeutic efficacy and bioavailability.

In contrast, inhalation through vaporization dramatically improves the degree and rate of absorption of all the beneficial medical compounds in cannabis. Providing high bioavailability and exhibiting rapid onset, VapePod is optimizing therapeutic efficiency, delivering cannabis-based treatments more safely and simply than ever before.

CCELL Technology

Unparalleled Performance

Unlike standard wick and atomizer designs, which can result in a subpar device that functions inefficiently with reduced flow and inconsistent heating, VapePod utilizes next generation CCELL technology to guarantee a consistent temperature and steady flow.

Powerful Battery

VapePod is powered by a universally rechargeable, breath activated battery, with haptic feedback replacing traditional LED alerts for discreet operation.

Tamper-Proof Pod

The sealed, tamper-proof, disposable pods have an embedded wick and ceramic CCELL technology atomizer, while a permanently secured mouthpiece prevents misuse.

Porous Core

The porosity of the CCELL core ensures continuous saturation, an increased cross sectional area reduces overheating, while radial heat reduces fluid viscosity and improves flow.

Kanabo is developing and engineering a proprietary second-generation version of their VapePod device. This project is set-up and will function as a subsidiary company to Kanabo. VapePod MD will function as both a delivery device and a data collection device, through an affiliated mobile application. The data will be utilized to identify usage patterns that support the continued development of future device generations and formulas.

VapePod MD is designed to be discreet; it is intended to produce little to no smell when used, and can easily be carried in a pocket. The device design also includes wireless charging, haptic and visual indicators, and a mouthpiece with large channels for easy inhalation. The device and app are designed to be responsive to the type of pod inserted into the device, and are intended to adjust temperature according to the type of formula in the pod.